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Matt Gorden’s Ejaculation Trainer Review – Is The E-book a Scam?

Firstly let me welcome you to my personal review of E-book Ejaculation Trainer. Throughout this review you will be able to learn about Ejaculation Trainer, what it is about and how can it help you. In the end I will briefly summarize its positive and negative aspects from my personal point of view.

My Own Experience with Ejaculation Trainer

Just to clarify the situation I have bought e-book Ejaculation Trainer about 6 months ago because I was suffering from premature ejaculation and I was desperately seeking for any natural methods how to last longer in bed with my girlfriend. Our relationship was in that moment, when my problems in bed have manifested in to the problems in our lives, in crisis.

I tried some “secure and tested” methods which I have founded throughout the internet but they have only little impact on my performance in bed during intercourse. I was thinking that my problem with premature ejaculation was insolvable and I had not any high hopes in the beginning of reading of Matt Gorden’s Ejaculation Trainer E-book. As I started to read the information provided by Matt Gorden in his e-book I realized that I have finally founded the natural cure for premature ejaculation. After few weeks of following of Matt´s program I managed to last longer during sex and after first two months I was finally able to fully satisfy my girlfriend in bed.

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Ejaculation Trainer - What is so special about it?

Well my best answer to this question would be nothing and everything at the same time, but firstly let me clarify this confusing statement. The information provided in Ejaculation trainer e-book are not something completely new, and they could definitely be founded on the internet, with one big problem – they would be only fragmented. So it would take you probably many months, if not even years, of gathering and testing of information founded throughout internet on issue how to last longer and overcome premature ejaculation.

The specialty of Ejaculation Trainer lies in its complexity of valid information and the approach of author to the whole problematic of curing premature ejaculation. In my Ejaculation Trainer review I cannot go too deep and reveal too many information about this effective e-book because it is copyrighted but what can I do say to you is the fact, that Matt Gorden is firstly trying to explain to you the problematic of premature ejaculation and he is paying substantial part of Ejaculation Trainer book for analysis of possible and probably every known cause of premature ejaculation. After you will be able to define the true cause of your hasty ejaculation you will then be informed about methods how to overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed. What is important to mention is the fact that these methods are all natural and based on three main things: Physical control exercises, mental control exercises and hormonal balance.

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But you should be aware of fact that Ejaculation Trainer is only a  guide how to get rid of premature ejaculation so you have to expect that it will cost you some of your effort and time. Even Matt Gorden writes there that Ejaculation Trainer is not any magic which will get rid of your premature ejaculation overnight and he clearly states that it will take certain time, for some less and for some more but he is confident enough to say that the effect will come.

My Quick Feedback on Ejaculation Trainer


  • Author is not a doctor.
  • The possibility that it will not work for everyone as each person is different and there can be some unknown cause triggering your premature ejaculation about which even Matt Gorden does not know (But these are extreme cases).
  • You will have to invest some of your time and effort in order to achieve success in fight with premature ejaculation issue.


  • Well I will start with the subjective one: Ejaculation Trainer has cured my premature ejaculation problem!
  • The easy-to-do and well described exercises how to fight premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.
  • Cheap price for a life changing information
  • 60 days money back guarantee – your money will be returned if you experience any dissatisfaction with ejaculation trainer during first 60 days (But you should keep every one of emails you get from Matt regarding purchase details).
  • Anyone is capable of following the Ejaculation Trainer.
  • Mostly short time between beginning of exercises and experiencing its results.
  • Free bonus e-books

Results: Is this e-book worth buying?

If you would ask me then I would give you the answer: “Definetely YES, if you want to last longer during sex you should invest your money and buy Ejaculation Trainer!” I give this e-book my personal rating of 9 out of 10! I definitely recommend you to buy Ejaculation Trainer! You will never regret your purchase!

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  1. Dear Matt Gorden’s Ejaculation trainer Review
    Iam living in Ethiopia, 600 km from the center, however I am one of the victim of prematured ejaculation,I last only for maximum of one munite. This review is very important, but getting currency in my country is difficult except for national
    programs. so buying the book is very important to me but getting currency is difficult. How can you help me to get the book

  2. Hi Tilahun semu,
    well I am happy that you want to do something about your premature ejaculation condition because many men do not know that it is not lifelong condition and it can be treated. Well I see that you are in really though situation but I think that only help which I can provide to you is to establish paypal account and then you do not have to worry about any foreign currency.

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